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Redux made easy


Rematch is Redux best practices without the boilerplate

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Unreal features

Using Redux always has been complicated, but now with Rematch you have more features than Redux offers with less than 2 kilobytes.

No configuration

No configuration

No more thunks, switch statements, action types, action creators. All is handled out of the box with just one file.
Plugins API

Plugins API

Rematch exposes a simple API interface to create custom plugins for extend Rematch functionality. Official plugins also out-of-the-box.
Built-in side-effects

Built-in side-effects

Native async/await to call your external API's. You won't need redux-thunks anymore.
TypeScript support

TypeScript support

TypeScript support out of the box. You will have autocomplete of all your methods, state and reducers. Written 100% in TypeScript.
Framework agnostic

Framework agnostic

Use Rematch in the browser, in React, in Angular, in Vue... anywhere. We ship ESM, UMD and CJS builds.
The smallest

The smallest

Less than 2kb and supports tree-shaking.
Rematch Core Size Rematch Core tree-shaking enabled

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Redux vs Rematch

Simple setup
No boilerplate
Redux Devtools
Async/await effects
Official plugins
Mobile ready

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Never has been that easy

  • Automatic intellisense with TypeScript steroids, autocomplete everything, avoid regressions.
  • In just one file you can handle all your business logic with native Redux performance.
  • Rematch it's less than 1,7kb introduces best-practices to avoid Redux boilerplate.

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