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Redux made easy with Rematch

Reduce Redux boilerplate and apply best practices with Rematch

What you'll learn->

  • You'll learn why Redux was created
  • How it was created and which are the principal concepts
  • You'll build a VanillaJS website using Redux and Rematch
  • You'll build a complete Amazon like website
  • Get familiar with Rematch ecosystem of plugins
  • Write unit and integration tests with Jest and Testing Library
  • Create a React Native application with Expo and Yarn Workspaces
  • Persisting data with Redux Persist and Rematch
  • Using selectors with Reselect and Rematch Select
  • Building from scratch a Rematch Plugin and publishing it to NPM
  • Rewrite the whole Amazon like website to TypeScript
  • Understand TypeScript utility types exported of Rematch
  • Explore how to create from scratch with Vite a real world website
  • Implement infinite scrolling with React Hooks and Rematch
  • Discover Rematch performance optimizations like memoization
  • Optimize our website with React performance optimizations

Amazhop website

You will build an amazing React application with TypeScript, Rematch, TailwindCSS, with Vite as bundler.

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Technologies used

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Amazhop React Native Application

Built with Expo and React Native, sharing the business logic written in Rematch through Yarn Workspaces and TSDX

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